North Norfolk Methodist Circuit

Methoday 19


Methoday '19


Mundesley Methodist Church and 

the North Norfolk Methodist Circuit

 plan to mark Norfolk Day 2019

by staging an

Interactive Exhibition of Norfolk Methodism and Methodists

on Saturday 27th July 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

and Sunday 28th July 12 noon to 3.30 pm

at Mundesley Methodist Church.


There will be displays featuring aspects, events and personalities that have shaped and influenced the story of Methodism in our region and beyond. It will also highlight some of the men and women whose faith and vision, evangelical zeal, concern for moral and social justice helped to transform the lives of individuals and society.

Light refreshments will be available.

We suggest, if you have children in your party, that you plan your visit around our storytelling sessions, which will be at 11.00, 12.00, 1.00 and 2.00 on the Saturday. An interesting story and a craft activity to follow for them might mean that you get the time for a quiet browse round our exhibition and a cup of coffee!


What can we learn from this rich heritage? 

panel on the Saturday evening at 6.00 pm will address the questions:

                    Where have we come from?  

Where are we now? 

Where are we going?                    


On Sunday 28thMorning Worship will be at 10.30 am

This will include spoken autobiographies, in character and costume, of Sarah Mallett, David Pilgrim and Sir George Edwards

  and the weekend will conclude with a Circuit Service at 4.00 pm,

when the preacher will be Revd Leo Osborn,

a former President of the Methodist Conference,

 who has strong links to Norfolk.


The exhibition will be of interest not just to local Methodists, but to others who want to understand the religious heritage of this area and surroundings, or to look up their own ancestors in the White’s Directory and the 1851 Religious Census.

And we know that people who come to the exhibition will be

 able to tell us more. 

(That’s partly why we were cheeky enough to call this 

an interactive exhibition!)

We are looking forward to hearing what you have to say,

about our Roots  … what these early Norfolk Methodists did

and about our Shoots … what is happening in our chapels now.


For further information contact:

Rev Gordon Webster:  01263 519497


Peter Brice:  01263 479391




To whet your appetites, there is a small quiz here - the answers will be on display in Mundesley Methodist on 27th and 28th July! 


  Which early Methodist preacher said ‘if I am denied the use of Chapels or pulpits, I do not trouble at that – while there is a barn, or a wagon in our land, neither earth nor hell shall shut my mouth, till the Lord shut it by death!


  What was the tragic ending to the exchange of letters between two young people, one a farmer’s daughter in Gloucestershire and the other a Wesleyan evangelist from Norfolk, working in Zululand?


  When he was four, he was in the workhouse. Much later, he ran a union; when he stood for election to Norfolk County Council, his opponents hired bands of hooligans to disrupt his meetings. Eventually he became an MP and he was knighted. Which Norfolk Methodist was this?


  What is Norwich Methodism’s connection to Notting Hill?             


 What was odd about Worstead Primitive Methodist chapel at the time of the religious census of 1851?


  Who was the Methodist boot and shoe maker of North Walsham?      


   Why did Wesley visit mostly the bigger towns in Norfolk?             


       Why did John Wesley write to the Norwich Mercury?               


  And who did John Wesley call ‘the most ignorant, self-conceited, self-willed, fickle, intractable, disorderly, disjointed society that I knew in the three kingdoms.’


  Which Norfolk preacher was given this good advice by John Wesley himself? …. ‘Never continue the service above an hour at once, singing, preaching, prayer and all...’





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