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 The North Norfolk Circuit stretches along the beautiful North Norfolk coast from Weybourne to Mundesley; out as far as Hickling on the Broads, and inland, through beautiful countryside as far as Reepham.

Sunday 4th October 2020


Dear Friends

          I was reading an article in the Methodist Recorder about a Methodist chapel opening in Debrecen, Hungary’s second largest city. A few days before reading the article I had been sorting through my photographs and had come across some of my pictures of Debrecen. One of the photos awoke a memory. In May 2019 Lisa and myself went with a group from the Reformed church in Batyu in the Transcarpathian region of the Ukraine to a celebration of the Reformed Church in the Carpathian basin. Debrecen is the centre of Protestant Christianity in that region and on that day 15000 people gathered from Hungary, Slovakia, Transcarpathia and Transylvania in a wonderful celebration. In the afternoon as I looked down into the crowd, I saw walking towards me an elderly gentleman of my acquaintance. Donnie Batchi (I may have misspelt ‘Uncle Daniel’s’ name) had spent years in the Gulag. After release, he along with Lonnie Batchi (again I may have misspelt ‘Uncle Lionel’s’ name),another victim of oppression, rather than being broken by their experience, founded a Christian school. Donnie Batchi is such a gentle and peaceful man; everybody loves Donnie Batchi.

          Lisa and I hosted some students from the theology college in Debrecen over several years. They would take a year from their studies and run a charity reaching out to Eastern Europeans in Thanet. We visited Elymer who is now the minister in the town of Khust in Transcarpathia (30 miles West of the monument for the geographical centre of Europe). The Reformed Church in Khust is a walled church built to protect from the Mongols and later the Ottomans. A plaque beside the door describes the fate of the new minister who being too poor to afford one himself was presented with a preaching gown by his congregation. This was in the late 1950’s and it was used as an excuse to try and execute the young minister as a foreign collaborator.

          CS Lewis in ‘Surprised by Joy’ describes the fleeting moments when we are touched by a fleeting experience of the heavenly. It was a joy to see Donnie Batchi coming out of the crowd towards me.  When he got to me, he said, ‘we are standing close to where I was arrested, the authorities were waiting for me’. Donnie Batchi is such a gentle and peaceful man; everybody loves Donnie Batchi.


The Rev Colin Telfer


Whilst we are in this period of lock down, Ministers and Local Preachers from our Circuit have prepared Services for us to use at home. 
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The Grapevine is produced for the East Anglia District
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There are articles featuring
Corinne Houlden, Family Worker,
Jean Parton writes about experiences during Lockdown
and Rosa West, "Prayers, Photos and Reflections Around the Home"
both members from our Sheringham Church
Revd Pauline Barnett with "Lyrics from Lockdown"

Grapevine September 2020 Edition

A Zoom Bible Study began on Wed 9th Sept
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Some of our more talented members of the Circuit have been constructively engaged in writing.

Prayers, Photos & Reflections - Book 7
by Rosa West

Having been asked by several people are you producing a Book 7 ?

 The answer is - "Yes" and here it is.
Price £3 (+75p P&P) in aid of St. Andrew`s Methodist Church
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 Prayers Book 7 - RW

and then Brenda

"A load of squit"
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Brenda Book

For sale for Action For Children price £3 (PP £1)to order please send a message to Brenda via Email

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Mission Statement

We seek to be outward looking and focused on drawing others to Christ

We aim to do this through:-


  • inclusive worship, using both traditional and new styles, and study of the Bible;
  • being alongside the disadvantaged and marginalised;
  • following the teachings of Christ and living what we profess, guided by the power of the Holy Spirit.




 Sept 2019

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